Executive Coaching for CEOs & Senior Leaders

Being an entrepreneur oftentimes means being alone. 
Entrepreneurs need a huge dose of optimism, wise feedback, a sounding board, and an opportunity to be completely and thoroughly honest with themselves.


As your coach, I will help YOU:

  • Address your most challenging issues

  • Hire and manage your team effectively

  • Develop into the best leader you can be

  • Improve your executive presence

  • See around corners and anticipate problems 

  • Understand your core beliefs (and how they may be holding you back)


Executive Coaching for Your Leadership Team

One of the great things about startups is that talented people move up to managerial positions very quickly, despite oftentimes lack of leadership experience. The challenge is that they take longer to solve problems, make mistakes, and absorb essential time from their boss’s schedule—and find their confidence plunging.

As a coach for your leadership team, I will help them:

  • Communicate effectively and confidently, regardless of the situation

  • Handle difficult conversations effectively

  • Become more confident and self-aware

  • Improve their interpersonal skills (delegation, giving effective feedback)

  • Address derailing behavior that stands in the way of advancement