Growing up during communism, I had a limited view of what I should do for a living - the only acceptable path was to get as much education as possible and get a job that would make my parents proud.   Being fulfilled by my job was a totally foreign concept.  I started my professional journey as a Corporate lawyer. That was not only my job, it was my identity, my badge of success I held out to the world. After years of soul-searching, and hiding behind excuses in the safety of a career that was making me miserable, I chose to take a risk and pursue a life I loved. I quit my job in a top NYC law firm and embarked on a trip around the world. Solo.  I have since found my purpose as a leadership coach, helping my clients find solutions and build skills to become the most impactful and confident leaders they can be.


I’m self-motivated, I love working and creating value for the World, I’m an out of the box thinker that has a vision for the future, and am committed to being part of the solution rather than leaving it at keyboard activism and complaining at the water cooler. And so are my clients.

What I bring to the table is two decades of people and leadership development experience. Prior to coaching, I worked with many of the top law firms and Fortune 100 companies to develop their leaders and enable them to drive innovation and revenue growth in a sustainable way.

Professional Bio:
I started my career as a Corporate attorney and subsequently transitioned into HR leadership with 18+ years of experience working for large international organizations, including Google, Clifford Chance and others.  Having lived in 5 countries and 3 continents, I bring a uniquely diverse, honest and empathetic approach to coaching.

I have a JD from Northwestern University and an Executive MBA in Organizational Development from Oxford University.  I also hold advanced coaching certifications through WBECS and the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.  


Let’s Get Personal!

  • Have passport will travel! I have lived, worked and traveled all over the world. Let the adventures unfold…

  • My two greatest passions are dance (salsa and Brazilian samba) and chocolate in any way, shape or form.

  • I push myself out of my comfort zone daily and connect deeply with the transformative aspect of change.

  • I meditate and believe in the energizing and restorative power of being in nature daily.

  • I believe humor is the universal language that connects people across all cultures.

  •  You may see me riding my bike across Austin… look for me on the road!

  • I love dogs and elephants, I find their energy calming and healing.

  • I am fascinated by people - we all have a unique story, and I cannot wait to hear yours!