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I spent days agonizing over the decision, compiling every pro-and-con list imaginable, and consulting numerous people (who inevitably gave me conflicting advice). ⁣

⁣Enter analysis paralysis. It felt easier to do nothing—to maintain the status quo—than to take a leap of faith.⁣

⁣I know I’m not alone here. When we’re about to make an important decision, we demand perfect information and absolute certainty. We don’t start walking forward until we find an approach that we believe is guaranteed to work. The human brain dislikes uncertainty and will try to avoid it at all cost.

⁣But idea that we will have certainty that we are making the right decision is an illusion which holds us back from taking action. ⁣⁣

My rule of thumb is to research and gather 80% of the available information and then make a decision with what I know. Anything more than 80% means I’m stalling and letting fear take over. ⁣

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