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The Problem With Willpower

Willpower is great. It allows us to control our impulses, delay gratification, and do the things that will bring long-term benefits.

The PROBLEM with willpower, however, is that we have limited amounts of it each day.

That's why if you've had a long day at work and you've probably used up all your willpower, you are more likely to:

📌 Yell at your kids for something that typically wouldn't upset you;

📌 Skip your planned workout; or

📌 each for the bag of chips or the 2nd glass of wine

One solution is to schedule your most challenging tasks early in the morning, when you have the most amount of willpower.

But that is a band-aid solution as it leaves you more exposed and reactive the rest of the day when unexpected obstacles require more impulse control than you have left.

The most sustainable long term solution is self-discipline.

When you learn the skill of self-discipline, you don't need to white-knuckle finishing the memo, or resisting the donuts in the office kitchen.

You simply do what you told yourself you will do. You don't re-decide each time, or negotiate with yourself how one time won't matter, or how it can wait until later.

What will be different in your life when you stop relying on willpower?

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