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The simplest productivity hack

Thanks to hustle culture, we often substitute shallow, meaningless work for actual productivity .

It helps create the illusion of progress. We reply to emails instead of working on the BIG project, the one that is not urgent but gets us closer to our long term goal.

We substitute small items that are seemingly related to what we want to accomplish so that when we walk away, we at least don’t feel horrible about our wasted time.

But busy is what our brain does when it doesn’t want to work hard, to do the high level thought work required for the results we really want.

This is why many leaders feel that “there isn’t enough time”, and are mostly operating from a place of overwhelm and stress.

The good news is, there is a solution to help you recognize and avoid these distractions.

It involves planning for your week ahead of time. Everything you need to complete goes into your calendar.

When things hit your desk, you don't feel the urge to respond right away because you have already planned for when you will handle them.

I teach a simple scheduling formula which accounts for all the obstacles:

📌Meetings running overtime

📌Being in a client facing business and needing to be responsive at all times

📌Unexpected meetings/requests being a part of your day-to-day

📌Not knowing how long something will take until you do it

And it works.

-You get more done in less time.

-You feel in control of your time.

-You are calmer and more focused.

-You start making time for personal priorities.

Where would you be now, if you had followed through on all the #plans you made in the past?⁠

What projects would you have finished?⁠

⁠How much money would you have made? ⁠

Which personal milestones would you have accomplished?⁠

Your ability to follow through on your plans is make or break for your success.⁠

AND, just because you haven’t been effective at following through in the past doesn’t mean you can't do so moving forward.

You just have to learn how. Following-through is a skill that can be taught.⁠ Just like learning a new language or sport.

I can teach it to you.⁠

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