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What is "Enough"?

Last week I celebrated a friend's birthday with a special dinner, and I left the restaurant feeling uncomfortably full. I thought: When it comes to eating, we know when we’ve had enough. But we don’t do that in other aspects of life.

We try to squeeze in another hour of work even though we’ve worked a 12 hour day.

We try to make more money even though we make more than we ever imagined 5 years ago.

We want more attention and recognition even though no amount will make us happy for the long haul.

Our body is wise. It tells us when to stop eating. But our ego is foolish. It craves more money, more success, more fill-in-the-blank; it's an ever moving target.

You want to be a millionaire? Once your bank account reaches seven figures, you’ll start aiming for eight.

You want 1,000 followers? Once you get there, you’ll want 10,000.

If you don’t define what “enough” looks like for you, you’ll never know when you’re satiated. You'll always look for external signs of what is enough, and "enough" will always elude you.

So, define what “enough” looks like for you at the start of every new goal and endeavor. How will you know when you get there?

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