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Your Brain is a Super Computer

Recipe for Overwhelm: ⁠

1. Hold a list of everything you need to do inside your head.� ⁠

2. Attempt to do it all on time without forgetting anything. ⁠

Our brains are powerful processing machines, and yet we use them as memory sticks. ⁠

(You know the feeling, right? When your brain is overheating because it’s got 300 tabs open and all your other applications have crashed?) ⁠

You wouldn’t give a genius a task that a toddler could do. And yet, we do it to our brains, every day. ⁠

The moment you get a simple plan out onto paper, everything becomes calm and clear. ⁠ Your brain will actually run faster. ⁠ Because suddenly you’ve freed up its incredible processing power to do what it’s supposed to do: ⁠ Solve problems. ⁠

But it can't do that if you've overstuffed it with to-dos, shopping lists, open decision loops, rumination over what your boss/client said.

That's the power of getting everything out of your brain and on paper.

Followed by the power of deciding ahead of time when and what you will do.

It might take you 15 minutes to create a plan for the week ahead, but it will save you hours of inaction, and reactive vs/ proactive choices. ⁠

Less confusion, less overwhelm, less stress! More productive work.

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