"Monica is the coach you want on your side if you want to make transformational change in your organization or within your own professional development. Working with Monica helped me break down my fears, getting unstuck to move forward, identify where I was directing time and energy to activities that were not the next best action. Through her coaching, she helped me build confidence, new leadership skills and navigate intimidating people-related issues. One of the big breakthroughs Monica helped me with was the importance and power of how to give feedback. Overall, she helped me learn how lead with a calmer, directed approach to solving problems rather than the constant “all hands on deck” approach normal for my way of working. In a cost-conscious, fast paced, pressurized corporate culture and world often pushing us to think it's better to "work your way though it" -I would suggest: do not. Stop. Invest in coaching with Monica and you'll see transformational change with a profound impact in your life and business."

                                                Jennifer Young,

CMO & Cofounder @ Outdoorsy

"Prior to hiring Monica, I had never worked with a coach and as a result, I didn't know what to expect. From day 1, Monica has helped me clearly and simply define my goals while helping me leverage and deploy strengths I already had but more importantly holding me accountable to invest in my development areas.  One of the things that helped me the most was her commitment to helping me reach my own solutions, rather than simply providing her own.  She used thoughtful questions, role playing and encouraged reflection to help me navigate the topic at hand."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                                                Kristi Jackson,

VP of Finance @ Outdoorsy

"Monica is a fantastic coach who helped me understand and develop strategies to grow my legal writing business, nurture current clients, and attract new ones."



                                                      Ed Lintz,

Legal Writing Coach

"Monica is an awesome coach, and coaching was a game changer for me at a pivotal point in my company's growth. Whatever I brought to each session, Monica helped me leave feeling like progress was made. Monica provided consistent guidance, finding a way around challenges, offered accountability and reflection which led to a number of breakthroughs for me. Leading a team can be lonely. Monica helped me re-frame aspects of the job I was starting to dislike, and helped me find my own tools to prioritize and move forward with clarity and confidence."                                                                                                                                                        

CEO of Legal Tech Company

"A leader needs a coach. It just makes sense if you want to grow and stay competitive.

One of several reasons I’m glad I worked with Monica was she helped me organize and prioritize my schedule, within the ambiguous and ever-changing work environment of a startup.  Monica also helped me gain confidence as a new leader and learn to have effective conversations, especially the tough ones that I tended to avoid before.

I was on the fence about hiring a coach, but the results have been transformational for me, personally and professionally. Plain and simple!"


                                          Lauren Burleson,

 Online Marketing Guru