Monica has coached across 21 industries, all over the US, and the UK. She has worked with startups from Seed round to IPO, senior law firm partners, finance professionals, creatives to name a few.

Here is what clients are saying:

"Monica is the coach you want on your side if you want to make transformational change in your organization or within your own professional development. Working with Monica helped me break down my fears, get unstuck to move forward, identify where I was directing time and energy to activities that were not the next best action. Through her coaching, she helped me build confidence, improved leadership skills and navigate intimidating people issues. What's most exciting is that the insights I got through working with Monica have had a significant positive impact in all areas of my life.  Working with Monica literally translated into many reasons we are at the $1B mark. "

"Working with Monica had an impact in teaching me the importance of leadership, mentoring, and developing business and has given me concrete tools to accomplish my goals in those areas. Her coaching is very personalized and taught me how to work with my own individual strengths as a woman to build relationships and improve my career.  After years of struggling to get promoted, I am super proud and excited to have earned a promotion to VP of Finance.""

"Monica was instrumental in helping me make one of the boldest decisions of my life. She helped me access insights and find answers within myself, trust my decisions and achieve a new level of success I didn't believe was possible."

“Monica was an incredible source of creativity and guidance when I went through a promotion and transition in my legal practice. She provided sharp insight into things I never would have considered and focused my attention and priorities in a masterful way. Her ability to understand and focus on my plans and goals, rather than some pre-set, rigid formula, is unique and the key to many of the successes I have experienced; it has had has a tremendous impact on my confidence, and ability to lead and trust in myself, and effectively navigate the internal politics of my department."