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Natalie doubled her revenue, and gained control of her time.

When I first started working with Monica, I was a bit scattered, not knowing how I was going to take care of all I needed to get done.  After two months of coaching, I feel much calmer. I trust I'm going to do what I say I will. And it seemed to happen fairly effortlessly. With her logic and how she breaks things down, it just seemed to make so much sense to me. 

That has created the ability to get more done. So my last business launch was my most successful one I'd ever had. I doubled what I'd made before. I had more time to plan it, it was more spacious.
Feeling in total control of my time and work has been amazing.

- Natalie Fisher, Career Coach

Jenelle lost 32 pounds in 3 months. She went from
lacking trust to do what she says she will, to feeling fully in control.

I lost 32 pounds in 3 months. I am more self confident. At first, I resisted the idea of self-discipline, and assumed it would be rigid and boring. I now see how it's entirely freeing.
So many of the concepts Monica taught at first seemed interesting, but I felt they didn't apply to me. I now totally get it - self discipline is freedom, & self respect, and it helps me believe in what's possible for me to create.
I had moments of disengagement when I felt impatient with the pace of my progress, and Monica knew exactly how to bring me back in, what to ask, where to offer support and accountability. It was hard to see the week-to-week progress, but now looking back, I see the massive transformation. I'm so glad I found her!

-Jenelle Harris, Senior Director/Chief of Staff


Rachel gained control of her busy schedule and was
able to get it "all" done as planned.

In just a few sessions of working with Monica, she helped me to see that my drama of why I couldn't get my to-do list accomplished was just in my head - and that (one of my favorite takeaways): "with a little bit of effort I can get exactly what I want". Monica's no-nonsense, but totally kind & compassionate coaching style was exactly what I was looking for. 

-Dr. Rachel Paul, PhD

Paul stopped procrastinating, reduced the feeling of stress &
overwhelm, and increased productivity.

Before working with Monica I wasn’t really sure if I needed a coach - I’m so glad I invested in coaching with her. I used to experience anxiety & overwhelm on a daily basis about how much I had on my plate. She helped me to unlock the key to gaining more time and getting more done by learning to be disciplined about how I planned and scheduled my time in advance. Monica's coaching also offers space to problem solve any problem at a higher level. Learning how to be more disciplined with my time has also improved my efforts around business development, and client relationships.

- Paul DePasquale, Senior Tax Partner, Baker & McKenzie


Kay went from exercising inconsistently to working out 5x week.

Working with Monica has been transformational! With her tools and guidance, building self discipline was more achievable than I expected. Monica thoughtfully guided me through how to stick to my plan, and how to see where I was self-sabotaging. When I found it hard to follow through, she helped me spot the thoughts that were getting in the way, and showed me how to stop the negotiating my mind would slip into. If one thing didn’t work for me, she had many more ideas to try.
Monica showed me how to build habits as a muscle one builds overtime. My old strategy was to set goals and try to achieve them through grit and willpower. Monica showed me the importance of setting smaller, more attainable goals, week after week, that build upon themselves towards real progress.
Working with Monica has been a game changer. I feel like a different person today. It's one of the best investments I've ever made in myself.

-Kay Baxter

Jen improved her leadership skills, overall confidence, and led 
her company to reach a $1 billion valuation.

Monica is the coach you want on your side if you want to make transformational change in your organization or within your own professional development. Working with Monica helped me understand and apply the building blocks of self- discipline. She helped me overcome a crippling sense of self doubt, get unstuck, identify where I was directing time and energy to activities that were not the next best action.
What's most exciting is that the insights I got through working with Monica have had a significant positive impact in all areas of my life.  Working with Monica literally translated into many reasons we are at the $1B mark. 

-Jen Young, Co-Founder, Outdoorsy


Marie gained clarity on what was keeping her stuck in her business and
created systems and solutions to take her business to the next level.

As someone who has deep experience in both business and personal relationships, while also having benefited in life-changing ways from different high-caliber coaches, I cannot recommend Monica more highly. She is an unusual combination of intellectual/mental sharpness and easeful growth-challenging compassion. I engaged her coaching services because I knew she’d be able to see blind spots and less helpful ways in my thinking that would come up as I grew through an especially challenging time with both business and family issues. And that is what she did, along with suggestions for what to do next. When you work with Monica, you will invest your time, energy and financial resources powerfully. No doubt.

-Marie M.

Ann gained confidence in her ability to make decisions, and took
action on a goal she procrastinated on for two years

Before working with Monica, I was finding it incredibly difficult to choose and commit to one goal long enough to start taking action. I spent too much time researching, and "trying" to decide. Monica helped me get clear and choose what I was most passionate about RIGHT NOW, and commit to taking action immediately. Her coaching process is easy to follow, and it helped me go from disorganized and flighty, ruminating and over-analyzing, to trusting myself to take consistent action, week after week. Monica helped me stay accountable and guided me through every step of the process. I feel more confident and in control, and I trust myself to honor my commitments to myself. 

-Ann Avery, Managing Director

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