Executive Clients

Why They Work With Me

Startups hire me to work with high potential, highly skilled newly-promoted leaders looking to:

- Become more effective leaders

- Accelerate business goals

- Navigate team dynamics

- Solve for complex problems

- Facilitate difficult conversations

- Gain confidence and executive presence

What They Achieve

  • Heightened awareness

  • Ability to better leverage existing strengths

  • Improved self-regulation

  • Higher levels of empathy

  • Boost in cognition at work

  • Increased levels of motivation

  • Increased executive presence

  • Improved leadership skills

  • Improved relationships/team dynamics

Small Business Owners

Why They Work With Me

Aspiring business owners work with me to take their idea from dream to reality by overcoming the need for perfection and fear of the unknown to gain confidence and take clear action steps towards starting their business.

Business owners work with me when they feel stuck, or have reached a plateau in their business growth. Through reflection, empowering questions and accountability support, I help them gain clarity, identify and release blocks that are holing them back and take powerful action to get to the desired outcomes.  

What They Achieve

  • Confidence in themselves and their business.

  • Ability to overcome indecision and take forward action.

  • Increased clarity on business goals, values and priorities.

  • Measurable progress towards business goals.

  • Increased ability to deal with uncertainty, embrace risk towards their desired outcomes.

Private Clients

Why They Work With Me

Clients hire me when they feel stuck, know that they could be playing bigger in life and work, have a very discrete problem they need  to solve for, or are going through a major life transition. I hold safe, non-judgmental space for them in which we identify and work through their personal and professional blocks. From there, they learn how to gain clarity on their vision, take powerful action, and get the desired outcomes.  

What They Achieve

  • Confidence in themselves, their business and relationship skills.

  • Transition into a new and exciting career.

  • Grow or repair important relationships.

  • Increased ability to deal with uncertainty, embrace risk and move forward toward their desired outcomes.

  • Increased clarity on goals, values and priorities to live a more enriched authentic life.

What They Achieve