Newly Promoted Leaders 


Why They Work With Me

As an executive coach, I accelerate leadership growth for new leaders. I act as your thought partner, your advisor, and your challenger. In coaching, we talk about the things that keep you up at night: transitioning from individual contributor to leader; people issues; business issues; delegating effectively; prioritizing work; work/life balance. And the benefits are far-reaching.

What They Achieve

  • Influence, managing up, across and down

  • Delegating effectively

  • Effective decision making 

  • Developing people successfully

  • Increased executive presence

  • Improved relationships/team dynamics

  • Working with uncertainty 

Experienced Leaders
Law Firm Partners


Why They Work With Me

Experienced leaders stepping into a new leadership role work with me to hit the ground running. I help leverage their strengths, examine their developmental opportunities, and solve for the myriad of leadership quandaries they face every day. We work together to refine their management styles, and fortify their overall effectiveness as leaders. I serve as sounding board, thought partner, and provider of honest feedback.

What They Achieve

Greater success in the areas of:

  • Executive Presence

  • Decision-Making

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Developing People

  • People Issues

  • Managing Up

  • Having difficult conversations effectively

  • Succession

Emerging Leaders


Why They Work With Me

I help emerging leaders and high potentials to increase visibility and position themselves for success at the next level. I help prepare them to take on positions of greater responsibility and confidently  navigate complicated people and performance situations. Oftentimes organizations hire me to work with high potentials to help build their capacities as leaders, accelerate their growth by introducing essential leadership skills they can begin to use immediately. 

What They Achieve

Accelerated success and abilities in the areas of:

  • Navigating challenging conversations

  • Delegating effectively

  • Increased self awareness

  • Providing Effective Feedback

  • Developing Successful Teams

  • Motivating People

  • Communication skills