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Do you hate conflict?

As a leader, have you ever been tempted to avoid conflict?

Do you want to avoid conflict because:

✦you don't have time to have the difficult conversation

✦you are worried about the person's reaction

✦you don't feel confident in being able to deliver the message effectively

✦ you think the person should know what they did wrong and correct it

✦ you fear being judged or disliked

✦you waited too long

We find excuses to delay something we don't want to do, to avoid the discomfort we might feel. We avoid the person as much as possible. We build resentment.

We spend time and energy thinking about the conversation but delay taking action.

BUT what we fail to see is that if we have the courage to have the conversation, we demonstrate that:

˃ we care enough about the relationship to address the problem

˃ we respect the person and trust in their ability to do better

˃ create trust and strengthen the relationship

˃ we increase morale and engagement

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