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Imperfection is encouraged

Some things need your A+ effort. Some things need your B- effort.

Not everything has to be given 100%!

Giving 100% to everything is a recipe for burnout! Some things are totally fine if you give your B- effort.

Here’s my B- list:

  • vacuuming

  • fundraisers

  • decorating my house for holidays

  • makeup

  • and many more.

My 100% list?

  • apologizing to my loved ones when I mess up

  • coaching my clients

  • my health

  • planning travel adventures

  • my family

Some things are priorities and some aren’t.

It’s OKAY to halfway do something.

It’s OKAY to move things around on your lists.

It’s OKAY if you struggle with prioritizing things.

It’s OKAY if you give little effort to something that doesn’t matter to you.

Your lists will obviously differ but it is so helpful to define them so you can drop the guilt, the hustle, and add more time and joy to your life.

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