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Focus on progress, not perfection

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

You don't need to give it 100% every day to move closer to your goal. ⁠

2% is enough to keep the ball rolling.⁠

Some days, you’ll have energy to do more – other days, less so.

Showing up matters more than showing up perfectly.⁠

Even if it’s the tiniest action.⁠

When I committed to working out 5 days a week for a full year, sometimes it was a full-day hike, and other times it was a 5 minute effort in my hotel room or living room.

When I committed to meditating for 365 days, sometimes it was just just a few deep breaths during my commute.

It didn’t matter. I showed up and kept the ball rolling, ready for the next day when I had the energy to give it my all.⁠

That’s the secret to self-discipline: give yourself grace, without letting yourself off the hook.⁠

It's not all or nothing; perfect or nothing at all. Consistency is what gets results.

What might self-discipline look like for you when you’re low on energy?⁠

✅One email sent?⁠

✅One page read?⁠

✅One sentence in a journal?⁠⁠

Kind self-discipline will help you build trust in yourself to always show up.⁠

And that creates momentum (which matters much more than perfection).⁠

How will you show up, even just a tiny bit, today?⁠

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