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A team member comes to you with a problem. As a leader, what is your response?

For many leaders, the response is something like...

"Ok, I'll handle it."

"Do X, Y, and Z."

Or, even worse, they get frustrated and simply ignore it.

What if, instead of approaching these situations from a directive standpoint, you approached them from a collaborative one?

Giving your team the opportunity to collaborate on solutions...

🌟 Gives them more ownership.

🌟 Increases buy-in for the solution.

🌟 Grows their skillset.

🌟 Reduces your stress and the amount of work on your plate.

Here are a few ways to respond:

"What do you think the next step should be?"

"What are three things you might try to fix this problem?"

"How would you approach this issue if I were out of town or unreachable?"

"Who do you think is the right person on our team to solve this problem?"

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